The Natural Wildlife Lake behind the Disney Villa

The Natural Lake

The Watersong resort in Davenport, near Orlando is built surrounding lakes, channels and conservation areas. The Disney Villa backs directly onto one of the lakes. Fear not though the swimming pool and sun deck are protected from the ravages of bugs and insects by the pool screen.

The property extends all the way down to the banks of the lake and you are free to wander down there and watch the wildlife.

Watersong LakeWatersong LakeResident AligatorGone FishingSandbill Cranes

The lake is home to a wide variety of wild birds, both florida residents and migratory. The stars of the show are the breeding pair of Sandbill Cranes that are quite at home wading in the lake or strolling around the resort.

The lake is very seasonal and for the most part quite shallow. In the wet summer season the lake will fill to the brim. Come autumn the Canadian Geese arrive from the north and overwinter in the resort. As winter progresses the lake will slowly evaporate with some great early morning views of the mist rising majestically from the surface. In spring the shallow ledge of the lake will have drained completely and will now be a boggy meadow. Then the cycle will start again.

As with all parts of Florida our lake has its resident alligator. He is a shy beast but can often be seen by quietly approaching the lake where he will be sunning himself on the bank. Now the alligator’s staple diet is turtle, and there are plenty of turtles in the lake, some are over 12 inches long.

Turtles can be easily seen as they come up to the surface and take some air ever so often. Occasionally you may even see one climb out of the lake onto the banks to sun themselves. Sitting on the bank of the lake is a great place to relax and enjoy the local inhabitants.

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